Friday, March 6, 2015

i spy: Bette in ski gear, a brilliant spy film, a winter queen

February, you are so short!  But still filled with good things.  Here are a few things that I enjoyed looking at in February.  You can see much more on my Tumblr and Pinterest.

clockwise, starting upper left:

Montmarte, a watercolor by Frans Masereel, 1925. | Ketterer Kunst
* Don and Peggy in Mad Men, Season 4, Episode 7, The Suitcase.  I've been rewatching the series--something I very rarely do--in anticipation of it ending next month, and have been really enjoying it all over again.  Actually, I'm enjoying it much more than my first viewing.  In a show filled with interesting relationships, Don and Peggy's remains my favorite and the one most intriguing to me.  The Suitcase is rightly considered one of the best episodes of the series. | my screencap
* 1936 photo of Michigan governor Frank D. Fitzgerald crowning Shirley Squier Snow Queen at the Winter Festival in Petoskey.  I'm loving the (Hudson's Bay?) coats they're wearing. | The Lively Morgue (the New York Time's Tumblr)
* An undated photos (early 1940s?) of Bette Davis in winter gear at her Butternut Cottage home in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.  There is always something lovely about seeing a classic film star like Davis in "regular" clothing, unstyled and still looking so lovely.  Also, how great is that pair of slippers next to her?  |
* Photo of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and author John le Carré during the filming of A Most Wanted Man, the most underrated film of last year (that I saw).  Hoffman and the rest of the cast is incredible in it.  Boy, are we ever going to miss Hoffman. | New York Times


Thursday, March 5, 2015

shop accessories preview: 1950s-1960s heels, deadstock Ferragamo, and bags

Coming to the shop starting today:  a great selection of 1950s-1960s heels, deadstock Ferragamo bow shoes, and two charming handbags!

1950s olive suede pumps, by Life Stride.

1960s white patent buckle pumps, by Air Step.

1960s speckled brown collared heels with buckles, by Smartaire.

Deadstock 1980s Ferragamo mini-wedge bow shoes.

1950s pale yellow pumps with lacy cut-outs, by Air Step.

1950s two-tone wide strap mary jane heels, by Air Step.

1950s two tone black patent stiletto heels, by Smartaire.

1960s embroidered and heavily beaded floral handbag.

1940s large orange and green plaid knitting bag/purse.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

shop preview: a 1940s swirling print, Edwardian embroidery, and sunshine yellows

Coming to the shop this week:  a bow print blouse with an actual bow at the neck, a 1940s day dress with a swirling print, lovely lace and embroidery on an Edwardian era blouse, and lots of yellow, from sunshiny golden florals to a spicy mustard cardigan!

All items begin arriving in the shop starting today.

1960s four piece floral satin damask skirt suit.

1960s hand knit mustard cardigan.

1940s licorice swirl dress, by Aldenaire.

1910s white embroidered blouse.

1960s blue and green floral print jersey knit dress, by Wilroy.

1960s gray and red glen plaid skirt, by Majestic.

1970s golden harvest leaf print dress, by Herman Marcus Petites.

1970s macaron stripe Italian jersey knit top, by Eva for Robert Janan.

1950s gray and white seersucker dress, by Betty Barclay.

1980s bow print blouse with bow at neck.

1960s-1970s fruit print square dance dress, Partners Please by Malco Modes.

1960s golden floral print blouse with bows at the waist, by Baroness.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

shop preview: paprika red, coral pink, and a wanderer's tapestry coat

This week's shop preview is like a street market full of rich colors in spicy tones--my favorites!  Feast your eyes on chocolate brown and tangerine, coral pink, paprika red, and a hooded tapestry coat evocative of wanderings worldwide.  All items begin arriving in the shop starting today.

1940s The Easterner day dress.

1950s white popcorn knit cardigan.

1960s shirtwaist dress with folkloric velvet appliques, by R&K Originals.

1960s hooded tapestry coat.

1960s silvery-black cocktail dress with bow.

1950s green plaid wool skirt, by Jantzen.

1960s rust geometric pattern knit dress, by Russ.

1960s paprika mohair cardigan.

1930s coral dress with black velvet collar and pockets.

1950s Pendleton forest green wool plaid robe.

1960s lotus flower print shift dress.

1950s pale pink wool cardigan with rhinestones, floral embroidery, and faux pearls, Kims by Kimberly Knitwear.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

road trip!

Andy, Pickles, and I will be taking a road trip out west to visit my parents next week.  The shop will remain open, but tomorrow, Friday, February 13, will be the last shipping day until we return.  Normal shipping will resume on Monday, February 23.

You can follow me on Instagram for adventures and finds from the road!


shop accessories preview: gold platforms, black satin gloves, and a strawberry handbag

A sweet little collection of accessories is coming to the shop, including mod silver shoes, gold platform sandals, a strawberry needlepoint bag, and black satin gloves!  Items begin arriving in the shop today.

1950s spring green leather pumps, by Sohari/Ray Ehinger.

Mod 1960s silver lace front pumps, by Orchids (with the cute box!).

1940s black nubuck oxford heels.

1970s metallic gold platform sandals, made in Italy by Miramonte.

1960s black fabric heels with rhinestones, by Gaymode.

1950s strawberry needlepoint bag, by Maud Hundley.

1960s black satin gloves, made in France by Neyret.

1960s/70s silk blend Vera Neumann beachscape scarf.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

shop preview: cool blue and hot pink knits, cashmere and mink, and rhinestone cats

This week's shop preview is on the smallish side, since we'll be away all next week on a little trip to visit my parents in Colorado.  But I'll be doing my best to get most of these goodies into the shop before we take off; in fact, you'll see the first two in the shop later today!

1950s Clear Skies bouclé wool knit cardigan and skirt set, by Del-Knit.

Deadstock 1960s hot pink Jantzen Sweater Skirt with belt and original tag attached.

1940s-1950s black and pink dress with nifty collar treatment, by Paul Sachs.

1950s cashmere cardigan with mink collar, by Bernhard Altmann.

1970s tiger and cheetah print chiffon maxi dress with rhinestone eyes and whiskers!

1960s floral print shift dress, by Wilroy for Saks Fifth Avenue.

1960s orange, yellow, and brown striped hand knit cardigan.



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